Terms and Condition Appointment Review

Terms and Conditions for Appointments

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The Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection will endeavour to provide appointments on the dates and times chosen, but cannot guarantee that that this will be the case. Should your appointment not take place at the time and date that you have chosen, the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection takes no responsibility for any inconvenience or any costs you may have incurred by attending.

For PPS Number or PSC appointments, by agreeing to these terms and conditions, you are stating that you have read and understood the documents that you are required to bring with you in order to have a Personal Public Service (PPS) Number allocated, or to be issued with a Public Services Card (PSC).

Failure to bring the required documents may result in a PPS Number not being allocated, or a PSC not being issued to you. In certain circumstances the allocation of a PPS Number or issue of a PSC may be deferred or cancelled.

Last modified:17/07/2015