Benefit of Work

Jobseeker and One Parent Family Payments

What is the Benefit of Work Estimator?

The benefit of work estimator for jobseeker and one parent family payments shows how starting work or increasing your hours could affect your potential income. The estimate will include income from your employment and any social welfare payments you may still be entitled to.

The figures displayed are an estimate. Your actual payment may differ. This depends on your personal circumstances. Please answer all questions.

This tool is anonymous and the information you provide cannot be used to identify you by the Department of Social Protection.

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Time spent on an education, training or employment scheme should be counted towards the period of unemployment.
A dependent child is a child who lives with you and is 17 years of age or younger (or 21 or younger and in full-time education). Learn more about dependent children.

If you don’t have dependent children and are under 25, the amount payable may depend on your age. A higher rate may be paid if you are taking part in a course of education, training or an employment support scheme. However, the age related rate is used here.

This does not include GP visit cards. This information is to calculate your tax only. Read about medical cards.