Redundancy Calculator

What is the Redundancy Calculator?

If you have been made redundant or if you have an entitlement to a redundancy payment, this calculator will show an estimated statutory redundancy amount that may be due.
You will be asked to input relevant employment details to generate this estimated calculation. The calculation is based on the statutory entitlement of 2 weeks gross pay per year of service plus an additional bonus week.

Please note, the figures displayed on your calculation are estimations based on the information you have provided. This tool is anonymous and the information you provide cannot be used to identify you by the Department of Social Protection.

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Our calculations estimate your statutory redundancy entitlement would be:


Calculation of statutory redundancy

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Statutory entitlement

0 X €0.00 = €0.00

(Weeks multiplied by Gross weekly Wage. Gross weekly wage capped at €600)